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Companies We Are Affiliated/Partnered With.

Below is a list of companies we work with through live streaming or game developement.

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We are a official partner of

Binx is a gaming-streaming community with over 50 Thousand active content creators & gamers. This community developed by streamers for streamers is dedicated to connecting Content creators, Viewers and Sponsors with each other.

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We are a Official Affiliate with POQ.GG
POQ.GG is an Esports tournament platform for gamers. Compete in your favorite game to win incredible prizes.
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---Humble Bundle---

We are a official partner of Humble Bundle.
Humble Bundle, Inc. is a digital storefront for video games, which grew out of its original offering of Humble Bundles, collections of games sold at a price determined by the purchaser and with a portion of the price going towards charity and the rest split between the game developer.
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We are a official partner of Stream.Gifts
StreamGifts is a safe gifting service that allows you to send streamers gifts while keeping both streamer and gifter personal information private.
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---Pretzel Rocks---

We are a official Affiliate of Pretzel Rocks.

Pretzel Rocks is a music streaming service from Pretzel Tech, a company that does things a little differently. You won't find the latest top 40 or your favorite deep cuts in its catalog. Instead, on Pretzel Rocks you'll hear hour after hour of music that is a perfect fit for live streamers on platforms such as Twitch.

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We are a official Affiliate of Zap-Hosting.

ZAP-Hosting offers gameservers, vServers, dedicated servers, webspaces, domains, Teamspeak 3 and more. Instantly online!

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---Team IG---

We are a official partner of Team IG.
IG - International Gamers stream team
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We are a Official Partner with liquidweb
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