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Community Rules.

Discord Rules:

1) Respect each other.
2) Dont abuse staff.
3) if you contact Coin Pusher World Please allow a bit of time as he is very busy.
4) Only post Bug Reports in the currect channel
5) NO DRAMA in any text channels.
6) Follow Discord's TOS when joining the discord. (To See Discord Terms Of Services Please Visit
7) Racism, sexism, homophobia, and any other form of hatred are forbidden. ( Instant Ban)
8) Don't spam text, images, or emotes. Posting pornographic, gore, or any other disturbing content is forbidden.
9) Refrain from posting about outside giveaways and tournaments. We shout out official tournaments and events in #poq-events in discord.
10) If you are banned from a channel on twitch it is not to be brought to discord or other discords. (Please Use Ban Appeal For Twitch Channel)

Game Rules:

1) Respect the streamer/chat
2) Follow Channel Rules.
3) Dont abuse staff.
4) No using Bots/Macro to play your turn.
5) Please respond to game admin/owner if they are requesting to talk with you over a issue.
6) Please follow Twitch Terms Of Services when in channels and also when streaming: Click Here To See Twitch Terms Of Services.
7) Racism, sexism, homophobia, and any other form of hatred are forbidden.(Instant Ban).
8) No Multiple Accounts To Play Coin Pusher World.

POQ.GG Tournament Rules:

1) Ensure to sign up to Tournaments Before closed.
2) Read the rules about the Tournament.
3) DO NOT tell the streamer how to run there placements on the tournaments.
4) Follow POQ.GG Terms Of Services Aswell. (To See POQ.GG Terms Of Services Please Visit:

***Failing to follow Tournament rules my result in a timeout and points removed from leaderboard***

***Anyone found to breaking our rules will be removed from discord and also banned from playing Coin Pusher World.

Banned Times Are As Follows:
First Ban 2 Days.
Second Ban 7 Days.
Last Ban Permanent Ban.

Depends on the reason of the ban you may receive a full ban.

To appeal a ban please submit as much information as to why you should be unbanned to and allow time for the team to look over your unban request. Thank you.
You may also be reported to discord and twitch if you are found to breach Discord TOS.***

***If you use Images Or Videos on you background and receive a strike from twitch there is nothing we can do about it as you are in control of your channel.
if we receive reports of this then we will be in contact for you to remove this and if you fail to do so you will be banned from coin pusher world as a streamer.